Senin, 18 April 2011

Elevo R7-Core Edu

R7 Elevo Edu-Core comes with a Content Problem Class Education for Learning 4.5 and 6 SD. It is suitable for your child's friends learn in preparation for the National Final Examination.

By 1001 about subjects include Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesian, Social Sciences, Natural Science, and Citizenship.

Elevo committed to promoting technology and meet local needs of mobile computers are cheap, PT. Elevo TECHNOLOGIES INDONESIA (ETI), this time to present an answer with new Netbook variant wireless Elevo R-Series.

R7 Elevo Edu-Core is one of the options R-Series dibanderol Rp.1.250.000, - it has a specification ARM9 Processor (533MHz), 7 "Digital 800x480pixels panel, 128MB RAM, 2GB Storage, WiFi 802.11b / g, 2 usb port, SD Card 2in1, Audio ports in / out, Li Polymer Battery up to 3 hours.

With a price of less than 1 million 250 thousand dollars, Elevo R-7 became Indonesia's cheapest netbook with current educational content. Support of Windows CE that do not use a lot of memory makes it easy browsing activities and responsive as well as Wireless LAN which can make easy access in places that have a hotspot area.

Elevo R7 with its small size wrapped in glossy black that looks pretty tempting when taken complete your online activity.

3 months warranty is given for R-Series Elevo apply for service, spare parts, and batteries. For an extended warranty to 1 YEAR You just add Rp.200.000, -
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