Senin, 25 April 2011

pengertian windows

Windows is English, which means in Indonesian is the windows, but if associated with understanding computer terms windows could be another. Windows is an operating system released by an American company called Microsoft. The operating system is a basic system for operating an electronic device. (As another illustration, in terms of us know of any mobile operating system named named Symbian.)
Because it is a basic system, we can add programs or other applications to complement the operating system. For example, to assist the process of writing the program to add the Microsoft Word / Excel, and to assist the process of editing a photo, the person installing the program Adobe Photoshop.
Other operating systems are also quite popular than Windows is Linux and Mac OS. If Windows and Mac OS operating system is paid, then Linux is an operating system for free. But, perhaps because of the "old won" more people use Windows than Linux. So if we make a survey, perhaps more widely known understanding of windows understanding than Linux.

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