Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

android market approached 50%

Android operating system will soon have nearly 50 percent of the smartphone market. As revealed by Gartner, more than 296 million smartphones shipped last year. The total of the amount, Symbian obtain 37.6 percent market share, followed by 22.7 percent of Android, and BlackBerry OS with 16 percent of the market. In 2011, the number of smartphone shipments worldwide exploded to nearly 468 million units. That growth will help Android obtain 38.5 percent market share by the end of the year, followed by IOS Apple at 19.4 percent, and Symbian by 19.2 percent.

However, next year might just be the most eye-opening in Gartner analysis. According to analysis firm, more than 630 million smartphones will be shipped worldwide in 2012, and Android will have a market share of 49.2 percent which is very easy to dominate. Competitor both IOS with 18.9 percent. Research In Motion BlackBerry, which is the operating system will occupy third place with 12.6 percent of the population smartphone.

Gartner presents another surprise with the analysis made​​. By 2015, Microsoft's platform, Windows Phone will secure the second position in the smartphone space with 19.5 percent market share. Lift will be followed by 48.8 percent owned by the Android market. Gartner said that the encouraging sales of Windows Phone solely based on Microsoft's alliance with Nokia. The possibility of starting next year, Nokia will use the Windows Phone 7 as the main operating system on the smartphone. (jimmyfernanda / BeritaNet.com)
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