Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

ASUS Padfone, Smartphone and Tablet Can Be

ASUS Padfone, Smartphone and Tablet Can Be

Asus announces Padfone at Computex 2011 event that was held in Taipei. By design, Padfone already can know his form after pictures of these devices 'leaking' one day in advance.

Now, although not much can be revealed, Padfone specification was already known. Call it the Android smartphone with 4.3-inch screen that can be incorporated in tablets measuring 10.1 inches.

On the software side, Padfone is not yet clear what will run the operating system. Only, diisyarakan that this device will run the Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, considering the latest version of Android is what 'could' unify Android phones and tablets.

Essentially, the tablet of the device is acting as a 'dock', which displays the user interface on a large screen mobile phone, battery power supply is bigger, and the availability of speakers and some additional ports.

Besides being equipped with microHDMI and microUSB port that can be connected to the tablet, this smartphone also has a 5 MP camera with a resolution on the back.

Unfortunately, some specifications and time of release from Padfone still a mystery. It's just that according to rumors, as quoted PULSAonline via product-reviews, it was reported that Padfone will be released later this year.
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