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tips on buying a laptop

If the first laptop is a luxury item and difficult to reach, now the laptop seems to have become a necessity of life. On the one hand, manufacturers of fast enough to read the development of laptops on the market, so that now there are many types of laptops, ranging from standard to the type of tablet PCs, as well as a mini laptop or netbook. However, at the customer side, the more benefit from the many choices of laptops, while also confusing when it will select it. Here are some steps that can be used as a handle before buying a laptop:

Determine objectives
For what is a laptop which will you buy? For office work? School or college? Or just browse the Internet? Or even to be presented to friends, children, husband, or your wife? Or just used to play games?

Suppose, you or your child wants to buy a laptop for gaming, then you need a graphics card with sufficient capacity, and according to his ability. Do not buy a laptop with a graphics card that is 'on board' in terms of specs though quite tempting, because the ability of the graphics card 'on board' graphics card is far below that add on. The better graphics card, the more expensive price, so you need to take into account its budget. If the laptop is not for playing games or let for office work, Internet or video editing, then you need not a good graphics card, but the price is quite cheap laptops.

Observe Elections Hardware
In this step, you must decide how quickly you want a laptop system. This is important, because if you are wrong in determining the choice then you will not be able to replace parts in laptops that have been purchased. In addition, you need to think about the components inside the laptop motherboard, including the type of processor, RAM, facilities, existing slot, either on board or add on, too type chipset. Maybe you need to think about laptop specifications in accordance with the needs of the program to be executed.


Laptop Buying Tips 2
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