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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Free Download ARTAV Latest Free Antivirus Internet Security

Free Download ARTAV Latest Free Antivirus Internet Security. Indonesian child must update thumbs up, pasalanya one antivirus besides there are also Artav SmadAV Antivirus Internet Security is also made by Indonesian children, we must support the creation and helped spread the interent security programs like antivirus Artav, many advantages and features are displayed artav to make the convenience of computer virus attacks as well as surfing in cyberspace, memeprkenalkan ARTAV Latest Internet Security Antivirus.

ARTAV Antivirus Internet Security 2011 Latest Arrival i created by Dwi Sentosa, students in grade II SMP 48 Bandung, which also aided by his brother who succeeded in creating a local antivirus third best in Indonesia. more than 15,000 people inside and outside the country already download and use anti-virus called antivirus Artav this interent security.

update antivirus artav this time fixing bugs like this below

-Repairs On-RTP System ARTAV
Virus Type-Additions 485 498 Heuristic Arrs, ​​Shortcut, vbs
-ARTAV-FlashScan, Namely Fast Scanning Process in FlashDisk / CD is inserted, and connected with Heuristic Database.
Minimized-Display, Request ARTAVER
-Improvements to the Settings Menu
-Addition of 4 Languages ​​(Bahasa.Indonesia, English, French and Bahasa Sunda)
-Improved False Alarm On Heuristic Scanning
-MailScanner-ARTAV, has been in the fix and very able to scan the Mail Account GMail
-ARTAV-Lock, disanding with the Windows Registry for more and stronger of the Virus Immune

nah Indonesia to Download Latest Free Antivirus ARTAV this please Download...
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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Software downloads bulk sms SMS Caster

Software downloads bulk sms SMS Caster

SMS Caster is a software that can be used to send and receive SMS. SmsCaster associated with GSM modem or mobile phone to receive and send SMS.SmsCaster serves to facilitate users to send and receive SMS from your PC or laptop.

Uses SMS Caster

Can be used to send SMS ads
Can be used for sending SMS product promotions
Can be used to send SMS proselytizing, SMS to Church
Can be used to send SMS notifications to consumers / customers
Can be used as a medium of public SMS services, SMS services company

SMS features Caster

Support for GSM modems
Available features import and export files
Features phonebook group
Can store phone numbers in the software database
Receiving SMS replies on software
Report sms sent, and its other interesting features

download sms software
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Cara melacak lokasi pemberi komentar anonymous di blogger

Terkadang pemilik blog yang menggunakan blogspot agak kesulitan mendeteksi lokasi pengunjung yang memberi komentar sebagai anonymous. Beberapa blogger menonaktifkan fitur Anonymous di form komentar blogger tersebut untuk menghindari anonymoys comment yang sifatnya menghujat tanpa kaitan dengan isi /tema postingan. Namun ada cara lain untuk mengetahui lokasi pembuat komentar anonymous tersebut,
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Cara melacak lokasi nomor hp menggunakan hlr lookup

Home Location Register(HLR) adalah database center yang berisi rincian dari setiap pelanggan telepon selular yang diberi wewenang untuk menggunakan jaringan inti GSM. HLR menyimpan rincian setiap kartu SIM yang dikeluarkan oleh operator telepon seluler. Setiap SIM memiliki identifikasi unik yang disebut IMSI yang merupakan kunci utama untuk setiap record HLR.

Sedangkan HLR Lookup adalah sebuah
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Cara mengetahui lokasi pengirim email dengan email trace

Cara mengetahui dan melacak lokasi (koordinat) pengirim email. Terkadang kita sering menerima email spam dari orang-orang yang tak dikenali. Email tersebut terkadang menawarkan hadiah atau impian yang tidak masuk akal. Secara pribadi email tersebut biasanya langsung ditandai sebagai spam sehingga jika mendapatkan kiriman dari sumber yang sama maka secara otomatis akan masuk ke kotak sampah email.
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Cara membaca dan menampilkan header email

Header email adalah informasi yang terdapat pada setiap email, berisi rincian tentang pengirim termasuk IP Address, rute dan penerima email. Data dari Header email ini bermanfaat untuk mendeteksi lokasi pengirim email.

Selain email gmail juga bisa menggunakan header email Microsoft Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 , Outlook Express 4, 5 and 6 , Mozilla Thunderbird, AOL/AIM
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Cara mendaftar di statscounter dan memasang web tracker di blog

Agar dapat menggunakan layanan web tracking, maka terlebih dahulu harus mendaftar blog ke situs penyedia layanan web tracking. Salahsatu layanan web traking yang gratis adalah statcounter. postingan ini sebagai pelengkap postingan tentang cara melacak lokasi pengunjung yang komentar di blogspot

1. Buka situs penyedia tracing bisa klik disini  statscounter
Lakukan registrasi menggunakan link
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Cara membuat menu tab menggunakan halaman statis blogger

Dengan menggunakan halaman statis blogspot (pages yang tersedia di blogger), kita dapat membuat menu tabulasi (menu navigasi) tanpa memerlukan script html / css/javascript. Cukup buat beberapa halaman maka secara otomatis akan ditampilkan di halaman blog menjadi menu tabulasi. Menu tabulasi ini bisa menjadi alternatif untuk teman-teman yang kesulitan membuat membuat menu navigasi menggunakan css
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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

HP Mini 110 Netbook price specification

HP Mini 110 Netbook price specification

HP's latest Netbook this time into the class versions
economy, but the quality of business, that carries
Mini 1000 family. The big difference between the models of the HP Mini
110 and previous models is in part Mini1000
price. HP Netbook Mini 110 XP version will be present in
"Black Swirl" which will be sold at a price
$ 329, while for the HP 110 Mi Edition
based on Linux will be sold starting at $ 279, slightly
cheaper than the HP Mini 1000
$ 549. HP Netbook Mini 110 will bring the CPU,
RAM, hard drive size and the same 92 percent keyboard
with the HP Mini 2133, although looks different in the
his mouse button. Model HP netbook Mini 110 will be
loaded with 3 cell battery as the HP Mini 1000,
which only lasted 2 hours 47 minutes in all

HP Mini 110 netbook Display size
10.1-inch with 1024 x 576 pixels, and
coated with a plastic bezel that makes the cover
this netbook looks 'mini' like the HP Mini
1000 and Acer Aspire One. To connect the HP Mini netbook
110 furnished by the Wi-Fi 802.11b / g and Wireless WAN.
For the HP Mini 110 netbook will be present in color
Swirl White or Pink Chic on July 8,
plus facilities 250GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM, and price
around U.S. $ 299. Model HP Mini 110 netbook
slightly thicker, with dimensions of 10.3 x 6.6 x 1.2
2:33 inch and weighs pounds, compared to Hp Mini
1000 with dimensions of 10.3 x 6.6 x 0.99 inches and weighs
2:25 pounds.

HP Mini 110 netbook specs:

Weights: 1:06 kg
Thickness: 1.2
Display version of XP:
Diagonal SD LED Antiglare
10.1-inch, 1,024 x 576 pixels resolution
HD LED Anti-glare
Display version of the Mi -
Linux: 10.1-inch Diagonal SD LED Antiglare, resolution
1024 × 576 pixels
Processor: Intel ®
Atom ™ N270 1.60 GHz or Intel ® Atom ™
N280 1.66 GHz
Chipset: Intel ® 945
Graphics: Intel ® Graphics Media
Accelerator 950 (Shared)
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows XP or the HP Mini 110 Mobile Internet
(Mi) Edition
SSD: 16GB/32GB (Solid State Drive
Flash Module) or 160GB hard drive speed
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Memory version of XP: 1024MB DDR2
Mi version Memory: DDR 2 1024 MB/2048
Ports: 5-in-1 digital media, 3x USB ports,
VGA Connector
Camera: Webcam with integrated
Communication: Ethernet LAN
10/100Base-T (RJ-45 connector), Wi-Fi spec yet
Keyboard: 92% Full-Size
Power: 3 or 6-Cell Lithium-ion
(28Whr, 55Whr), 30W AC Adapter8
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Mengconvert iWisoft Free Video With Video Converter

Mengconvert iWisoft Free Video With Video Converter

By using computers, we can enjoy easy access to various types of media. We can browse photo collections, listen to music and watch movies or videos. Film or video stored on our computers in different formats. Some formats that quite often we come across is AVI, MPEG, DivX, FLV, and so forth.

Which sometimes becomes a problem is, not all devices can use all existing video formats. For example, when we want to play videos on our mobile phones, sometimes we have to change the format into 3GP advance, except if we use smartphones.

To change the video format that we have, we can use the application iWisoft Free Video Converter. This application can quickly change the video format with excellent results. iWisoft Free Video Converter can convert video formats to and from formats such as MPEG, WMV, AVI, DivX, XviD, MP4, FLV, and many more. The application also can convert to and from various audio file formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, CDA, APE, RAM, AC3, AU, and so forth.

We do not need to change the format of video or audio we've got one at a time. By using iWisoft Free Video Converter, we can change the format of multiple files at once. Besides the ability to convert video and audio file formats, iWisoft Free Video Converter also provides features to perform various editing functions, such as crop, trim, merge, add watermarks, add various effects, and so forth.

As the name implies, the application iWisoft Free Video Converter is an application that we can use for free. We can download this application from its official website at
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Antivirus anti-virus software, spyware, and Best Free Firewall Security To protect your PC computer

Antivirus anti-virus software, spyware, and Best Free Firewall Security To protect your PC computer

In this post I want to discuss a bit about some kind of Antivirus Software, Spyware, and Security Best Firewall To protect your computer you can download for free. Maybe this will be an alternative option is very helpful for those of you who are in need protection PS system stronger and better.

- AVG Antivirus Free Edition

AVG is a free anti-virus and spyware that you can download for free now, and no I do not think many Anti-virus that works as good as AVG. Updates are also automatically has to be able to to protect your PC from virus attacks suddenly. Well one of the abilities that you should not miss is the AVG Anti-virus is its ability to scan e-mail address is in the e-mail client.

Can you download in, compatible with Windows / Windows 7 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista and Linux, with more or less the size is only about 870.16K only.

- Avast! Home Edition

Software Avast! Is antivirus and Antispyware, Anti-rootkit protection can safeguard your email and chat that are not attacked by viruses and files that can damage your PC system, protect against malware and spyware, automatic updates are berlkala every renewal of software updates, antivirus kernel, web shield , which is easy to use. Avast! This one is already trusted, proven than 80 million users who already feel the power of Avast, can be compatible from Windows 95 to Vista 64bit) and can you get for just a - just an alias for FREE.

Please visit Avast.Com to be able to download it, size is only around 300.94KB course, compatible with the operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98.

- Avira AntiVir Personal Edition free

Freeware Anti-Virus can be said to parallel with AVG. Anti-virus on this one can protect your PC from virus attacks to reach more than 80,000 types of variants of viruses, including macro viruses and Trojan and its variants. Hmm cuman shortcomings is the unavailability of updated features and functions in an e-mail scanning is in the e-mail client.

You can download for free at Free-AV.Com, compatible with all types of Windows and Linux with a size of approximately 32.39MB.

- PCMAV (Best AntiVirus Indonesia / local)

If you are a loyal reader of PC Media magazine would have to know / find out the freeware Antivirus PC Media AntiVirus team made this one donk. AntiVirus this one may be said to be the best ubtuk emmbasmi Virus - local virus in Indonesia. Starting from the virus until the virus Ah Brontox able dilibas Antivirus out easily with this one.

- Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator includes AntiVirus and spayware into categories for those of you who still use window9x, maybe this is the best choice. This freeware ability in protecting your PC against spyware is quite reliable. With HIPS technology integrated in this application, Spyware Terminator will give a warning when there is an unknown file system into your PC and protect your PC from spyware security course.

You can download for free at Spywareterminator.Com, compatible with Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP with a size of approximately 7.9 MB.

- Sunbelt Personal FireWall

Sunbelt Personal Firewall, formerly also known as Kerio Personal firewall (KPF). After the Discontinue Kerio, Sunbelt trying to get it to maintain the product. Of course, for those of you who are familiar with Kerio Firewall prowess in securing the sytem you already know and would not doubt it anymore to rely on the protection of your PC system. By and large still the same capabilities with the former (KPF), as well as its interface. It's just the product name is changed.

You can download at Sunbelt-Software.Com, compatible with Windows 2000 and XP with a size of approximately 6.18MB.

- Comodo FireWall

Software Naah if this one is called Comodo FireWall Pro (Security & firewall) that allows you to secure your PC system from the threat of Trojan Viruses, mali-cious software, and external attacks by hackers. Software interface is quite frindly to be used by you, so just by one click you can secure your entire PC system. In the newest version is equipped with a complete multilanguage features, connections are shown per-bytes, and the firewall icon will appear whenever there are incoming / outgoing traffic.

You can download at Comodo.Com, compatible with Windows, Vista and XP with a size of approximately 39m

Comodo also offers various other useful software, such as Internet security to your browsing safety from malware, Comodo Sytem Cleaner, Comodo Backup, Remote PC Access Comodo, Comodo Dis Encryption, SecureEmail Comodo, Comodo AntiSpam, HopSurf, Verification Engine, Anti Malware, Secure messaging , Free email Certificate ... please visit their website for more information.
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