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Senin, 02 Juni 2014

Tomahawk Diagnostic Technologies

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Dear Customer

EFICHIP - Professional Manufacture of Automotive Diagnostic Equipment. EFICHIP is a range of automotive diagnostic, scanning and code reading equipment under the EFICHIP product umbrella. EFICHIP designs, manufactures and delivers innovative products to meet the highest of the demands of today's automotive DIY'ers as well as the professional technicians.EFICHIP headquarters are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The facilities include: executive administration offices, R&D (Research & Development) and manufacturing operations. This guarantees that all our products are designed, developed and produced in one place using the most advanced manufacturing process. EFICHIP has a long-standing commitment to create unique equipment for both beginners and experts. - fast, quality and easy web store. 

Efichip provide to you!!!

1. We offer to you 1 years warranty;
2. Technical support;
3. Quality support;
4. Best price! ;
5. Fast delivery time(1-2 days past payment);
6. Opportunity to distribute goods;
7. Competent staff ;
8. Reliable customer services;
9. Various payments;
10. Discounts;
Contact our sales representative to get your special discounts!!!

NEC Programmer

We can do all Mercedes cars from MY2006 to MY2011/2012 are using this chromium-plated key - v.57 without touching EIS. We can upgrade our devices. 3000 EUR upgrade for old customers. NEC v.57 solution and we could read EIS password from Keys with that SW version - 57. Also with IR Service Key is possible to read hashes from EIS. Key calculation for NEC-based EIS (MY2006 - MY2011) could start.

AdBlue V3 + NOX Emulator

Adblue V3 + NOX Emulator allows you to override Adblue SCR system and NOX sensor on your truck. It can emulate working Adblue system and NOX sensor even on trucks with damaged Adblue SCR system.
Adblue NOX emulator support list:
- Volvo trucks;
- Renault trucks;
- DAF trucks;
- MAN trucks;
- Iveco trucks;
- Scania trucks ;
- Mercedes-Benz trucks. 
Only €399

Eltrac Kit

Iveco Eltrac Bluetooth Module enables wireless communication between vehicles and diagnostic computers and simplifies and accelerates repair operations in workshops.
Only today is 2000eur!!!
Price €2000


The VCI-560 is a powerful fault diagnosis device that has been developed using the latest advanced technology. Used in combination with a PC, it provides a tool for quick and efficient analysis of vehicle faults.
The VCI-560 switches the input channel automatically to the required data line (K-line, L-line) or CAN-bus of the truckside "Diagnostic Connector".
Whit this newlatter only 2000eur!!!


Scania VCI2 is a tool that is used together with Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) software to diagnose and troubleshoot Scania vehicles.
For any kind of information please contact our sales office:
Domas, Sales Representative +37066003497 +442070971475
Skype: sr6_rl
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